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Wondering what Reiki is really all about? You’ve come to the right place!
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So you’re thinking about studying Reiki. Congratulations! Studying Reiki is not only a gift you can offer the world but is, first and foremost, a gift to yourself.

When I started studying Reiki in 2011, I wanted to use Reiki to help my massage clients and also my brother-in-law who was recovering from partial paralysis and who I convinced to come along to my first Reiki training. I wanted to learn how to do hands-on healing, improve my intuition, help other people. I wanted to understand what all this talk of “energy” was really about. It turns out that I would learn all of those things and more, but the most important thing – connecting to my true self – was what my soul had signed up for.

During the first workshop I took, I had such a profoundly visceral experience of old trauma that I was holding onto in my body and in my being that I vowed then and there that it was time for me to heal. Ever since, the practice of Reiki has helped me tap into something within myself that is also so much bigger than myself – Reiki. Cultivating my connection to Reiki allowed me to feel safe enough to begin to heal and continues to help me clear away the fear and hurt that separates me from who I really am. Everyone’s Reiki journey is unique, but ultimately, if you do the practice and open up to possibility, it will guide you to tap into your own inner resources and provide a stronger connection to who you truly are. That is the real gift of Reiki.

Begin your Reiki journey and find out where it leads you.

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Not sure you’re ready to sign up for a training just yet? Here are a couple more ways to get a better sense of what Reiki is all about.

What is unique about Japanese style Usui Reiki trainings?

I have taught three different styles of Reiki (Western Usui, Holy Fire and now Japanese Usui). Currently I teach a style not commonly taught in the West, which is closer to the way Reiki was originally taught in Japan when the system was first developed by its founder, Usui Mikao, in 1922.

Check out this blog post about why I now teach in the Japanese style or this post that dives into some of the key differences that set this style apart from its Western counterparts

Why study Reiki?

What makes Japanese style Reiki unique?

How do Molly’s LIVE online Reiki trainings work?

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Who can benefit from practicing Reiki?

  • Anyone who is interested in personal development, healing, wellness, spiritual growth or simply showing up as a more connected human being.
  • Anyone who is looking to strengthen what they offer in their healing work. Note that Licensed Massage Therapists are eligible for CEUs.
  • Educators, nurses, yoga teachers, social workers, psychotherapists, parents, caretakers and anyone who finds themselves drawn to helping others. Your Reiki practice will help you connect to your inner reserves and connect with others in a way that feels more sustainable.
  • Anyone who wishes to make the world a better place but isn’t sure where to begin.

What to expect from Molly’s online trainings?

  • These virtual trainings are hosted live on Zoom in an interactive group format. Classes are capped at 15 students. They are not pre-recorded, and you must attend all sessions live in order to receive your certificate of completion.
  • Training sessions are a combination of lecture accompanied by slides, practice time and time for questions and sharing.
  • A course pack is provided in pdf form prior to the first day of training, along with a recommendation for a book for further reading.
  • Ongoing structured support is provided in the form of a self-guided daily Reiki Practice Zoom Room and monthly Virtual Reiki Practice Groups. More information is available here. Molly is also available to answer questions and provide guidance as you develop your own personal and/or professional Reiki practice.


Upcoming Classes

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Level I Shoden

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Level II Okuden

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Level III Shinpiden

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Reiki Levels

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Reiki Level I (Shoden)

Shoden, which means “beginner teachings,” is an 8-hour course that introduces the system of Reiki fro the Japanese perspective, initiating students into this lifelong practice. Teachings include the history of Reiki and where it really comes from, various breathwork meditation techniques, practice sensing energy in yourself and others, a deep dive into the Reiki precepts and how to apply them, four Reiju/attunements and hands-on healing practices for the self and others. The importance of intent, letting go and direct experience are emphasized throughout.

Upon completion of this course, students will establish a home practice. Molly will be available for support and guidance during this process and beyond. Read more about Molly’s Virtual Reiki Practice Spaces.

A coursepack is provided in pdf form, along with a certificate of completion and a bonus gift!

This course is offered for a fee of $175 (discount of $20 available for early sign-up). Scroll up for upcoming offerings, or click here to register.

Reiki Level II (Okuden)

Okuden means “inner teachings” and guides students deeper into their relationship with the system of Reiki during this 8-hour course. Practices and concepts from Level I (Shoden) are reinforced alongside the teaching of additional elements of the Japanese system of Reiki, including: Three Reiki symbols and their mantras (including chanting), three Reiju/attunements, distant/remote Reiki (sharing Reiki across space and time) and professional Reiki practice. The concept of interconnectedness and importance of direct experience are emphasized throughout.

After this class, students become Reiki Practitioners and can charge a fee for providing professional Reiki sessions with clients.

A course pack is provided in pdf form, along with a certificate of completion.

This course is offered for a fee of $250 (discount of $20 available for early sign-up). Scroll up for upcoming offerings, or click here to register.

Reiki Level III (Shinpiden)

Shinpiden means “mystery teachings,” and this 14- to 16-hour course is the highest level of training in the traditional Japanese system of Reiki. In the West, this level of training is often referred to as the Reiki Master Teacher level because, upon completion of this course, students may decide to become teachers. In addition to receiving a Reiju/attunement and learning how to perform Reiju, students learn the final symbol and mantra and how it relates to the Okuden symbols. Personal development as it relates to the concept of being Reiki, along with continued focus on direct experience, is emphasized throughout.

A coursepack is provided in pdf form, along with a certificate of completion.

This course is for a fee of $700 (discounts available for early sign-up and for students repeating this level of study with Molly). Scroll up for upcoming offerings, or click here to register.

PLEASE NOTE: Molly asks that students taking part in this level of Reiki training complete specific requirements prior to the training. You can find more details here. (Download PDF)

Additional Details

You must attend all sessions live in order to receive your certificate of completion; however, you are welcome to hop back in at any point if something comes up that causes you to miss a portion of the training.

You will have 72 hours of access to a recording of each module after the live class.

Level II Okuden courses are open to anyone who has completed a Level I Reiki class in any lineage; Level III Shinpiden courses are open to anyone who has completed a Level II Reiki class in any lineage.

Licensed massage therapists receive 8 CEUs for Reiki I Shoden and 7.5 CEUs for Reiki II Okuden(NCBTMB CE provider #1000139)

Cancellation policy: Full refund up to 2 weeks prior to class; 50% refund up to 1 week prior to class. Due to the cap on class size, I am unable to provide refunds for cancellations within one week of class.

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