Supported self-practice on Zoom

Supported self-practice on Zoom

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Supported self-practice on Zoom

April 10, 2020

Who: Open to all Reiki practitioners, any level, any lineage

What: 30 minutes of daily self-practice in community for 21 days; join every day or drop in whenever you are able

When: Daily 7:30-8am. Friday, April 10th thru Thursday, April 30th.

Where: Anywhere and everywhere

How: Using Zoom (see login info below) and our awareness of interconnectivity and support as we practice together even while physically distanced
The practice will be largely self guided with the occasional suggestion or cue on any given day. You can choose to do hands-on self-healing, distant Reiki to whatever/whoever you'd like, Reiki meditation techniques like Joshin Kokyu Ho, reflect on the precepts -- whatever YOU need!

Any verbal instruction or support will be provided at 7:30 on the dot, and instructions or guidance may be posted on the screen for the duration of the practice. We will  mute ourselves to practice on our own in silence until just before 8am, at which point I will end the practice verbally.
Zoom info will be the same each day:
PASSWORD: 214312

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