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Have you been attuned to Reiki yet are feeling disconnected or out of practice? While a properly placed Reiki attunement lasts a lifetime, you may decide that a reattunement is what you need to help you reconnect and get back into your Reiki practice. This decision is unique for each person; trust yourself as you look for ways to revitalize your Reiki practice.

Make Your Decision

Here are a few ideas you might try as you make your decision:

  • If your Reiki practice has taken a back seat, simply start practicing again, on yourself and others. You may find that what you thought was lost was there all along, just waiting to be tapped into.
  • Along these same lines, consider attending a Reiki share, which will give you the opportunity to both give and receive Reiki with other Reiki channels.

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Molly's Offer

If you have decided you’d like to be reattuned, Molly offers reattunements to all four levels of Usui Reiki. There are a few ways to go about this:

  • Attend a class.
    This is a great idea if you’d like to refresh yourself on the information and protocols of a given level, as well as get some practice time in and meet other Reiki channels.
  • Schedule a private reattunement with Molly either in-person or distant. Molly can incorporate a Reiki session into your time or provide instruction and materials that you feel would be beneficial to your Reiki practice. If you choose this option, we can discuss your needs ahead of time and schedule an appropriate amount of time.

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