Reiki classes going online and Japanese style!

Reiki classes going online and Japanese style!

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I found the practice of Reiki – or should I say it found me – in 2011 quite serendipitously. At first I thought I’d study Reiki in order to help my massage clients and to help my brother-in-law who was recovering from paralysis. In short, I thought Reiki would be a way for me to help others. Then, in the first workshop I took, I had an experience that all but shouted at me: “This is for you! Reiki is for YOU! You are ready to heal!” Since then, Reiki has been a constant companion in my own healing from trauma and just being human and has also been instrumental in my personal and professional growth.

The teachings of Reiki align well with my own experience during the current pandemic; the lesson, once again, is that it all comes back to our relationship with ourselves. Reiki continues to teach me and support me in working through the layers of fear, anxiety and anger that keep me disconnected from who I really am. And when I cut through those things, I can show up in the world as a more resilient and compassionate human being.

During this time especially, it feels important to share the system of Reiki with others, to offer it not only as something you can experience in a session with a Reiki practitioner, but as a set of tools, practices and principles that can be used to support our individual and collective spiritual growth. And so it is that I’m taking my teaching online later this month, dividing this 8-hour course into four 2-hour modules over two weeks with time for home practice in between each module.

In addition to transitioning to teaching virtually, I’ll also be shifting my classes to a more Japanese style of Reiki than what I’ve taught in the past. One of the aspects of the Japanese style of teaching that has resonated with me most deeply is that it’s not just about the hands-on sessions; in fact, there’s so much more! These additional teachings all lend themselves to deepening our own spiritual practice and strengthening our own Reiki energy. In Level I Reiki, they include the practice of chanting, instruction in Japanese Reiki meditation techniques and a deep dive into Reiki’s spiritual precepts. I’ll also share a Reiju/attunement in each module of this 4-part class. And of course I’ll be introducing students to hands-on healing for self and others.

Whether you’ve studied Reiki before or are completely new to these teachings, this class will deepen your understanding of the conceptual and spiritual underpinnings of this powerful system and, if you practice the techniques that will be shared, will deepen your relationship with yourself and the world around you.

Another aspect of the IHR’s style of teaching that I absolutely love is that it is extremely well organized into a clear system. I have always used an agenda, slides and handouts to provide structure and clarity in my classes, and the IHR’s approach reinforces my inclination to make Reiki as accessible as possible to students because it can be tricky and intimidating at first.

Some people mistakenly believe Reiki just for the gifted few, or that it is magic. I believe that is because at its core, Reiki is formless, which makes it incredibly flexible and beautiful and life affirming, but can also make it challenging for people to wrap their heads around at first. The system of Reiki that I’ll be teaching gives form to the formless. And, side note, that makes it even more conducive to being taught online!

If you’d like to read more about what I’ll be teaching in this class, check it out here.

Discounts available for early registration and for students who have studied with me previously! Class dates, times and registration are available here.

And check out this blog post from this past October to read about my experience in Frans Stiene’s Shinpiden class.

2 thoughts on “Reiki classes going online and Japanese style!

  1. Jennifer Gibson

    Hi Molly, its Jen Gibson. I noticed you are offering online training. I have been wanting to get my Reiki work going again and now that I am in Colorado, I just got really excited about this possibility!

    • Molly

      Well, add this to the list of silver linings of the COVID crisis! I’m so glad you’re interested and hope you and your family are weathering the storm as well as possible.

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