“Mind Body Connections”

“Mind Body Connections”

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The concept of “mind body” has become commonplace over the past couple of decades, and we see it everywhere — in our workplaces, grocery stores, gyms, billboards, magazines, churches, and the list goes on. However, as with many things, it’s easier said than done; in other words, it’s easy to talk about a “mind body connection,” but it is often difficult to really feel that connection in everyday life. It is easy to lose touch with the metaphysical in today’s fast-paced world.

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For me, Reiki has served as a bridge to the metaphysical. By providing me with powerful yet concrete experiences, Reiki continuously reminds my logical mind that there is more at work than meets the eye. As a result, I am slowly learning to trust myself more and to pay better attention to those gut feelings, or to that little voice in my head — because sometimes our deeper “Selves” actually do know better than our fallible minds.

What follows is the first story in this series entitled “Reiki Connections,” in which I describe some of my most powerful and meaningful Reiki experiences.

(If you are not sure what Reiki is, check out this quick definition before reading on).

In the weeks after my dad passed away an unsettling image appeared, often and without warning, in my mind’s eye. The image was always the same: my dad, lying in his hospital bed during the last few days of his life, weak and unconscious, eyes closed, pained expression on his face, unresponsive and barely alive. I repeatedly willed myself to see him as he was for most of his life, but the image just wouldn’t change; try as I might, I couldn’t seem to shake it.

Enter Reiki. I was at a “Reiki share,” which is basically where a group of people get together to share Reiki with one another. That particular day I was part of a group of about four or five people, and each of us took turns receiving Reiki from the rest of the group. When it was my turn, I requested that the group send healing to my right shoulder, as I had been experiencing significant pain there for some time. The pain was such that if I woke up with it in the morning, or if it came on at some point in the day, it would hang on until I went to sleep that night. In other words, once it was with me for the day, it was with me for the day. On that particular day, the pain was especially uncomfortable; it was basically all I could focus on, and I was hoping for some relief.

As the group worked on me, I began to relax, and my mind checked out. As often happens when receiving Reiki, I went into an “alpha,” or dreamlike state, conscious thought ceasing and subconscious taking the reins. In my mind’s eye, I began to see the color purple, which had happened only during particularly intense Reiki experiences, and which is associated with the “third eye” and heightened intuition. As the session continued, I continued to “see” with my eyes closed. Eventually an image of my dad appeared. But instead of the haunting and painful image I’d been seeing for weeks, he was full of life, smiling, vibrant. He seemed to be telling me he was okay. And then he began to laugh.

Connections heal graphicThat experience brought such a sense of comfort to my struggling heart and mind, an assurance that all was okay and that my dad was not suffering anymore. I let something go that day, something that my conscious and rational mind had not been able to let go of on its own.

And what of the pain in my right shoulder? It was gone and hasn’t returned as intensely since that day. In eastern medicine, the right side of the body represents the “yang” (masculine), while the left represents the “yin” (feminine). In other words, the right side represents the father. Go figure.

So connections…. they’re real. Oh, and also? Connections heal.

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Stay tuned for more “Reiki connections” in next month’s newsletter.

2 thoughts on ““Mind Body Connections”

  1. Beth Hunt

    I like how you describe the difference between the intellectual knowing of mind body connection versus feeling it in daily life. It makes sense how reiki can help foster the feeling of this connection. Your testimony of reiki as effective is persuasive and it reminds me to open my mind to incorporating it into my life. Thank you!

    • mcoeling

      I’m so glad to hear that this story was helpful, Beth! Stay tuned for another awesome example in this month’s upcoming “Reiki Report.”

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