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Truth: Reiki has changed my life. Could it change yours?
Tap into your own natural healing abilities! Become a powerful channel for Reiki energy! Learn to send Reiki to yourself and others!
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Reiki Levels

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Sign up and learn how tap into your own natural healing abilities. Become a powerful Reiki channel for yourself, others and the world!

Reiki Level 1

(Reiki Channel)

  • History, philosophy and principles of Reiki;
  • What Reiki energy is and how it can be used;
  • An attunement to Reiki, which gives you lifetime access to this powerful healing energy;
  • Practice of self-healing protocols;
  • Giving and receiving a Reiki treatment;
  • A Reiki binder and handouts, a book for further reading, a certificate of completion and a bonus gift!

Upon successful completion of the Reiki Level 1 class you will be able to practice Reiki on yourself and others. Because the focus of Reiki Level 1 is self-healing, students will conduct a 21-day cleanse upon completion of training, which involves practicing Reiki on yourself daily. Molly will be available for support and guidance during this process and beyond. In addition, as a co-founder of the Midwest Reiki Community, Molly is happy to offer resources in the form of Reiki shares.

Fee = $150 (early bird discounts available)

Reiki Level 2

(Reiki Practitioner)

  • A second powerful attunement to increase the flow of Reiki energy;
  • New protocols, including how to send Reiki across time and space (distant Reiki);
  • Instruction on the use of three sacred Reiki symbols that foster physical and emotional healing, as well as healing across time and space;
  • Practice in energetic clearing of space with the use of tools including symbols & sage;
  • Giving and receiving distant Reiki sessions;
  • Instruction and guidance in establishing a professional Reiki practice.

After the second attunement students become Certified Reiki Practitioners and can charge a fee for providing professional Reiki sessions with clients.

Fee = $250 (early bird discounts available)

Reiki Level 3

(Reiki Master)

  • A third and final attunement to increase the flow of Reiki energy;
  • Instruction in advanced protocols, including extraction techniques;
  • General overview in the use of crystals as healing aids;
  • Training in the use of a Reiki grid for continuous transmission of Reiki energy;
  • Instruction in the use of the Master healing symbols;
  • Practice in advanced techniques, both as sender and receiver.

After the third attunement students have reached the highest level of Reiki channel attunement. With continued practice of Reiki students will experience increased levels of intuition and other forms of energetic awareness.

Fee = $350 (early bird discounts available)

Reiki Level 4

(Reiki Master Teacher)

  • A special attunement to provide the Reiki Master access to the attunement symbols;
  • Instruction in protocols to attune others to become Reiki channels;
  • Instruction in attunement protocol to open up others to deep healing;
  • Practice in attuning others to Reiki;
  • Guidance in how to facilitate Reiki training classes;
  • Protocol, materials and other resources to use in your own Reiki classes.

After this training the student has become the teacher. They are also encouraged to apprentice a Level 1 class in order to further prepare to teach students of their own.

Fee = $350 (early bird discounts available)

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Level 1 classes

September 23rd

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November 4th

Level 2 class

December 9th

Level 3 class

2018 (date TBD)

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