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Molly is proud to have been featured
in a number of reputable media, online and offline.

Molly returns to WBEZ! This time around she was a featured guest on ‘Reset” with host Odette Yousef. Alongside co-guest Dr. Jinnie Cristerna, LCSW, CHt., Rh.D., the trio discussed various self care practices, and the importance of this seemingly “buzzword” topic. Listen to the full audio.

Molly and host Sarah Buino discuss utilizing Reiki and massage as a gateway to healing, the fire that’s been lit under women as a result of the #MeToo movementand the importance of healing our individual trauma to contribute to healing the collective. Listen to the full audio.

Molly and host Dave Kehnast discuss business, yoga, healing, feeling and some of her own personal experiences in dealing with shame. Listen to the full audio.

Molly sits down with WBEZ’s “The Morning Shift” host, Tony Sarabia, to talk about her massage & Reiki experience and practice. Listen to the full audio.

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