We’re Restarting Our Reiki Class

We’re Restarting Our Reiki Class

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I’m thrilled to announce that we’re going to resume my one-of-a-kind Reiki classes once again in October. As a longtime practitioner and advocate of Reiki, the targeted healing practice that uses the body’s natural energies towards holistic health, I feel there is much to be gained by attending.

Come and share my passion for Reiki. I hope that my classes will help people learn to understand their bodies on a deeper level. Reiki has been instrumental in my journey towards a full meditative practice, whole body health, and happiness. Teaching others to use this tool to benefit themselves and their loved ones is one of my greatest joys.

reiki workshops chicagoReiki is known to be effective at addressing a number of personally challenging situations, as former students can tell you. These include providing instant stress relief, anytime and anywhere, jump starting that meditation practice you’ve been thinking about, relieving aches and pains, alleviating anxiety, depression, PTSD and insomnia and helping you feel more in tune with yourself. My students say the classes provide a sense of connection with yourself and others

The resumption of classes comes after a brief hiatus. My comprehensive classes are offered at four different levels and meet the diverse needs of her clientele. A Beginners’ class opens the student up to the possibilities of Reiki and focus on the philosophy of the practice. There’s an emphasis on self-healing. Level Two classes expose learners to the skills they need to become practitioners. In addition to advanced Reiki practices like sending energies across time and space, Level Two classes offer instruction on practical aspects of establishing a successful Reiki practice. Level Three classes offer students the finishing touches they need to become Masters. Level Four classes support Masters in their path towards developing the tools they need to teach. Contact me today for more information.